OCRS was created by DVSA to assist them in identifying operators who are less likely to comply with relevant legislation and focus more of their attention on those businesses.

If you have an Operator's Licence you have an OCRS which can be accessed by DVSA staff at the roadside to help them determine which vehicles should be subjected to a roadside inspection.

The less favourable your OCRS the more likely your vehicles are to be inspected at the roadside with the associated time, and therefore cost, implications. An unfavourable OCRS also increases the likelihood of a site visit by DVSA.

For an established business an OCRS will be calculated based on historic data such as the results of first or annual tests, vehicle inspections, roadside inspection data, any convictions for the operator and Graduated Fixed Penalties issued to drivers.

The last two years' data for your business is used to calculate your index score and place you in a 'league table' of similar businesses. Whether you are placed in the green, amber, or red sector of the league table helps determine how much attention you are likely to receive from DVSA.

For businesses without two years' historical data, DVSA calculates a predictive score based on the actual scores of other operators in similar circumstances.


Using A1 Tachograph Services Limited's range of training, auditing and monitoring services you can ensure that you establish and maintain a favourable OCRS, enabling you to concentrate on maximising the success of your business.