A1 Tachograph Services Limited was originally established to provide transport companies with an efficient and comprehensive service collecting, analysing and reporting on tachograph data. Although the company has diversified and expanded since then, tachograph analysis remains a core part of A1's business

That service included collecting tachograph data, often by downloading digital data direct to the company's server. In the case of analogue tachograph charts, A1 will collect and scan these. In analysing this data, A1 will ensure that your business is complying with the Working Time Directive. It will also flag up any infringements of driving hours giving you the opportunity to address these before the regulatory authorities do so.

The reports produced by A1 are designed to comply with the requirements of DVSA as well as your own management requirements. They help you to comply with the requirements of ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.

A1 will generate that report promptly. In the case of digital data, the report can be distributed to the client by e-mail while analogue tachograph charts and reports are also returned speedily.

High-quality tachograph data is essential to any successful transport business. With A1 Tachograph Services Ltd handling the process clients can focus on other aspects of the business, confident that the tachograph analysis and reporting process is in experienced and reliable hands.