Below are real case studies and scenarios we have encountered, please read and talk to us if it raises any questions or issues for you

Transport Audit

When we undertook a transport audit for a client we discovered that a truck which had reportedly been fitted with new front tyres only three days before had 12mm of tread remaining. The figure should have been nearer 18mm.

Analysis of maintenance records showed a number of similar instances suggesting the trucks were being fitted with part worn tyres but the company was being invoiced for new tyres. They quickly changed their tyre supplier.

Licence Upgrades and Lost Classes

A driver working for a national company submitted his licence to the DVLA to update medical information. The replacement licence did not include categories C and E (HGV Class 1) but instead showed a provisional category C entitlement.

We liaised (at some length) with the DVLA on behalf of the client and their driver and managed to get the error amended.

Licence Review

A licence review on behalf of a major transport company revealed that several drivers had been driving vehicles for which they were not licensed. Apart from the legal implications this invalidated the company's insurance policy.

Systems were put in place to ensure that the errors would not be repeated.

Tachograph Analysis

When we completed an initial tachograph analysis for a new client we discovered a range of infringements of which they were unaware. We identified the issues, provided training and implemented systems to prevent future infringements.

Three months later the company was visited by DVSA and given a clean bill of health. This helped them to secure a favourable OCRS.


Staff at one client company were entrusted with carrying out 6 weekly maintenance checks. We visited the company in October and returned in April to discover that no maintenance checks had been carried out.

We set up a software based system to ensure that the checks are carried out when they should be and we are able to monitor this on behalf of the client from our head office.